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the history
One of the first design assignments for architectural students is the creation of their personal space. Abigaile's Treehouse, built as Alice's Wonderland, had its roots in such an assignment; however it would be many years before she would realize just how deep those roots would be.

Architects tend to be dreamers. Alice fit the category. A vertical volume with public spaces below and private area with a large water element above was the concept for her very first design project.

20 years later after 2 degrees, 2 kids and a successful private practice in Bryan, the heavily wooded land at the corner of Baker and 'Billy Joel' became the site for the dream to materialize. The property was part of an estate that was seized by imminent domain when the WJB parkway slashed through the old neighborhood. The rectangular plot had never been recorded in city archives, so it was made a separate subdivision in a replat and named the Wonderland subdivision (when your name is Alice, what else would it be??). The acre site presented many challenges including setbacks (that had never before been enforced in the neighborhood), many large trees and a drainage pathway that cut diagonally across it, restricting the buildable area to a small footprint. Up was the only option, and the design emerged from a synthesis of real constraints and past dreams.
early concept
clear 3d rendering
textured rendering